• Hey Frui. What's up? Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? I'm going to try it out. 

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    • Hey!

      Yeah, I am :D I have an awesome idea in mind, so I'm actually kinda really excited for November :D

      Is this your first time doing NaNo?

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    • Hey! Just went on the page and saw I had a new buddy :3 (I don't actually check that page unless it's November, usually ;P ).

      So, yes, you're a NaNo virgin ;) Do you know what kind of story you're going to write?

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    • Yeah, I've been wanting to do it for a few years but I was always like, "No, I'll wait till I have more time" and now I'm like fuck it, I'll try it and probably not win but whatever. Yeah, I've been spending a little time on the page. 

      The one I have in mind, which most likely will not change, is a fantasy about people who live up on Spires; massive rock pillars thousands of feet high and it's their own world unknown by the Low Landers. Then a thief is hired to steal an object but he ends up unearthing a secret and has to save the Spires. Pretty pumped to start writing. What do you think your's will be?  

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    • Well, it's good you're finally doing it now :D Hey, last year was my first one, and I managed to win it ^^" The trick was just meeting the minimum daily word count, but once you got into a groove, it gets easier. The first few days are the hardest.

      Ooh, that's pretty cool :P Do they know of the Low Landers? Don't start 'til November! I don't think you're allowed (but you're certainly allowed to write down a plan/character notes etc.).

      Mine is about a kid who falls into a gang and is trained to one day take out the monarchy. It's actually an OC fanfic—this girl is a firebender and has to kill the Earth Queen. There is no one to succeed her, and so the gang can then put their own person on the throne. I've had to change it around a fair bit, because I thought of a storyline before I read Crossfire, and well.... it was a little too similar...

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    • Yeah, I think laying out the chapters will help. The minimum is 1,667 right?

      Yes, the Spire residents (the Altaras, Bundaros, and Catygi) are aware of the Low Landers prescence, although none of them have been down there in 300 years. I hope I can wait @_@. 

      That still sounds really awesome! Quite different from what your story last year is about. I can't wait to read it! Will it take place before or Avatar Aang/Korra?

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    • Yeah, but in the middle, I was doing more than that. I recommend going to write-ins, if possible, and don't bother editing. Just write the fun parts ;P

      Hey, they kinda sound like Pokémon! xD (I'm a little obsessed with that atm...). Ahh, you can do it! Take the time to plan out your story. My aim this year is to complete my story, not just hit the 50k.

      I think after... I like the new technology that comes around.... or it could be before, and be all simple-like. I don't know yet. And oh god yeah, very different. I read over my story from last year a few weeks ago, and it's like I wrote three different stories! D:

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    • Write-ins? What are those?

      Hahaha I can see that. Who isn't? Pokemon is the best. I'm playing a rom on my iPad called Flora Sky. It's a fan-made remake of Emerald and it's awesome. Yeah, I hope I can complete mine. But as long as I hit the goal, I think I'll be deep enough in to complete it. The only story I've ever gotten 100+ pages in and stopped was something I wrote in like sixth grade that was awful writing and had no plot direction whatsoever @_@.

      Actually Earth Kingdom Korra time seems pretty cool. Zaofu is such a cool city. It would be interesting to see other people create their own locations, or even delve into some of the new ones. What do you mean by three different stories? 

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