Name: Srijay Nashula

Age: 16

Bio: Coming soon to a wiki near you XD

Bending: Fire


As for the parents I was thinking of maybe A non-bending SWT mom and a non-bending FN dad. Both have 2-4 siblings who are all benders and so are neglected. Then when Srijay is born, he becomes their world. And then the parents are no longer neglected.


So Srijay is darker skinned, he wear a sweatshirt all the time and a pair of shorts. He is very unathletic. As for hair he has hair like zuko in book 3.


  • He is most likely going to be a mole for the Parallel Team
  • He loves tinkering with radios and is currently working on inventing the video camera. He is a photograper for what ever the newspaper is called, and has just compleated making a watch. and is a master strategist.

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