Shui Chuan is a character for Parallel belonging to Henryjh98. Touch him and I will eat you and your firstborn alive.

Background Edit

Shui Chuan was born in Republic City to a poor family living in the Dragon Flats borough. His father was a firebender and his mother was a waterbender, and he inherited his mother's waterbending trait.

Over the span of his young life, Shui was trained by his mother. At the age of seven, his older sister was killed by pneumonia one very harsh winter. He trained harder and worked longer on his waterbending skills.

Eight years later, at the age of fifteen, Shui's mother, to whom he was very close, was murdered by the Agni Kai Triad. He then proceeded to hunt down one of the murderers and distributed vigilante justice. Once wind of it caught a Red Monsoon member's ear, Shui was invited, forced, really, to join the Triad. He accepted, a mistake that very nearly cost him his life.

After a year of being in the business of the Triads, the Red Monsoons got in a turf war with the Agni Kai. Shui was blasted in the face by a fireball and left in the alleys to die.

Luckily, his younger brother found him and brought him to the nearest hospital, saving him from death. Shui left the Triad and found a job working in the Republic City docks as a sort of coast guard. He helps fix ships and patrolled Yue Bay for any damaged boats or pirate attacks.

Shui still works in the port, receiving enough money to aid his father, younger brother, and younger sister.


Personality: Shui is a kind, humorous young man, but also has a violent temper and has trouble forgiving people. He is strong, determined, and never gives up. However, he is caring and protective of his family, friends, and job.

Height: Six feet

Build: Muscular, but lean

Hair: Soft black hair falling just above his eyebrows

Eyes: Sapphire blue eyes burning with his determination

Face: Dark olive brown skin, square-jaw, average-sized nose and mouth, scar under left ear from time in Triads, burn scar on right forehead/temple

Clothing: Water Tribe styled garb, but lighter to allow comfort in the warmer climate of Republic City