This is a page in which everyone can add information for Parallel.

So Far...

  • The Fanon takes place 15 years after the Legend of Korra
  • It is set in Republic City
  • Tragic events consume Republic City, leaving Avatar Korra M.I.A. The event is city-wide, effecting all of the characters in one way or another and that is ultimately what draws the team of Parallel together at the beginning of the story.
  • We have 7 characters: (4 Boys and 3 Girls) between the ages of 15 and 21
2 Firebenders
1 Earthbender
2 Waterbender
2 Non-Benders
  • One sort of escaped criminal,
One by the book lawman,
One rebellious runaway rich kid,
One tech-savvy mole,
One byronic cynical street-rat,
One goody-two-shoes Kysoshi Warrior, and
One hard-working Waterbender with a tragic past.
  • I think we're going with Explosions that attract our characters' attentions during the attack.
  • Each Introduction story is to be labeled with the word order from Fruipit's poem, and also is to be headed with a poem (of choice or imagination) describing your character.