Name: Akira Huang

Ethnicity: Fire Nation

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Akira sketch

My rendition of Akira on a bridge, similar to that of Korra's.

Bending: Firebender

Born in the Fire Nation and raised in Republic City, Akira has lived her life hidden from the truth. She was sheltered from the public by her father: a man who disregards his daughter, as she cannot pass on his true lineage. He has been the Fire Nation representative on the council for as long as Akira has been in Republic City, and her mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her. All of the pent up emotion and turmoil has lead Akira to a life of rebellion; she's been looking for a change. But she doesn't need Republic City to grow independent- Republic City needs her.

After her father dies in an unexpected turn of events in Republic City, Akira is left to a measly tea shop and a small, cramped apartment. Fierce in a fight, but lady-like when the need be, Akira is like that of Avatar Korra: strong, forceful, and determined. Lucky for her, these traits will be the key to her survival.


OAN's sketch of Akira.

Living alone in a dilapidated apartment isn't the life she planned to live when sailing on the ferry to the mainland when she was young. The tall towers and bustling streets of Republic City are merely a small portion of what she's experienced; she looks for a driving force, whether it be work, friends, or simply something making her life more valuable. But life moves on, whether one is prepared or not, so Akira has to learn the ropes fast - lest she will succumb to the scum of the city. She is determined to destine her own fate - head on. But first, she has to give back to the city that's housing her broken being in its industrialized arms.

Growing up behind locked doors left a lasting impression on Akira - but she doesn't have time to think about it now. In secrecy, Akira hones her bending prowess, until the city desperately needs her newly acquired talents for something much more. With the shady disappearance of Avatar Korra, and an unknown rise in an anarchist group on the horizon, Akira's prayers are answered in ways unknown to her.